Turning a bad day into a good day….

My Friday started with receiving several job application rejection emails, followed by news of a friend getting promoted at work ( I am genuinely happy for them ), it just came at a time I wasn’t feeling the best about myself.

I have applied for hundreds of job and after a prolonged time off work and more then I care to remember job rejection emails, It can take its toll emotionally and effect a lot of  aspects of daily life, at least this has been my experience. I have found my self in a spiral of depression and anxiety.

However on Friday I decided I was not going to sit in self pity and I got up, got dressed and said ‘I’m taking myself out’. I started with buying myself a coffee and Lunch at one of my favorite local cafes.20170806_12062020170812_134435

If anyone was wondering, I had poached eggs with spinach, tomatoes , avocado, turkey rashers on bread, garnished with salad. I enjoyed it and definitely hit the spot.

After I took a walk and did a bit of window shopping, lusting over all the pretty things I want to buy. My thoughts about how my morning began was in the back of my mind. The last place I ended up was the gym, Going to the gym in many occasions has been my savior, it is one of the things that has got me though many tough times. I go in and just sweat out all my worries and anxieties. It’s like magic….20170811_152753


This was the aftermath of my workout, and yes I cleaned it up…..

I had a better second half of my day then the first half, by taking myself out and moving, it allowed me to focus my thoughts on other things, and as a whole allowed me to feel better.  So when I came back to the part of my day where I was job searching, I was in a better state of mind and over all more positive.

If you ever feel how I felt, I would strongly suggest on getting yourself moving or stepping away from the situation and do something to switch off. Whatever that is for you, Reading, writing, watching your favorite show.  Make time for yourself, do something that makes you feel lifted and know that it is OK to feel how you do.



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