A diary of my Bank Holiday Weekend…

It was bank Holiday weekend in the UK ( a public holiday) and one of the plus sides of not working at the moment is that for once, I was able to spend time with friends and family, Working in retail I was always working in these holidays.

Friday started with hanging out with a friend from school with her sister in law. I’m always nervous meeting new people and can be awkward but I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and meeting new people is on my list. Having a girls evening was really a nice change, watching Netflix, eating snacks and talking.  we started talking about our anxiety and depression, it was really nice to talk openly knowing you are not going to get judged. I believe hanging out could become a regular thing, another win for doing something I wouldn’t usually do.

Saturday I spent with my boyfriend we went for a coffee and some lunch, and did some last minute holiday shopping, my boyfriend left it to the last minute, typical. We spent our evening in, we are currently re watching all of the Series of the X files, so we binged watched some episodes. I didn’t even let a email regarding a interview I was due to attend, telling me that the position I applied for is no longer available, get to me.  I was disappointed, I really want to get back to work, however this job was not meant to be. I have to just keep trying, I must remember positive thoughts….

Sunday was a day of family and friends, I met up with a cousin who has come over from New Zealand, we just caught up, giggled and had a few coffees. later that day me and my boyfriend met up with a few of our friends. we never went out on a wild night out, not really our style but again just caught up, ate some food and talked about our upcoming holidays, another nice evening.

Now Monday me and my boyfriends didn’t have any plans, until we got a message from another friend who asked if we wanted to meet up and so we did. I live in London in the UK and we all agreed to meet up in Covent garden. It was a good day the weather was nice, my company was good.  We started of with a coffee ( I see a theme, I think I like coffee ), a walk around and some ice cream at Scoop at 40 Shorts Gardens, London WC2H 9AB. I highly recommend this place, amazing, we spent the day wondering around the city, window shopping and ended up at Trafalgar square, we just sat and took everything in.  I walked 7 miles that day, according to my Mobile, so the ice cream calories did not count right?…….

overall I had a chilled weekend, catching up with several friends and family members, lots of coffee, some ice cream and making a new friend. I remembered how I used to be, happy, socializing and surrounded by people I care for. It is a reminder of what I want to get back to and that I can get back to how I used to be and better than I was.  I have some amazing people in my life, who like and love me for me, I am a very lucky lady.20170828_17402120170828_17405020170828_17405420170828_174318


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