It’s been awhile! The job offer… 

So it has been a while, I haven't wrote a post recently.  The last post was while I was on holiday, it was great, I have some photos from my trip, I was debating on weather or not to write a post aboit my time in Greece. Anyway, I got back from Greece and was... Continue Reading →


A holiday is not my cure for anxiety….

Hi all! I'm still on holiday, the weather is beautiful and it is so peaceful. I've mainly been eating, having a swim in the pool and lounging around. I have booked 2 day trips, one of them is to visit a volcano crater. I have come to realise a few things, one that I am... Continue Reading →

Blogging by the pool 

So my last post I wrote was not me on my best day but currently I'm laying by the pool in the sun, finally relaxing. I had my usual anxiety at the airport, I'm not great at travelling but I'm hear and it was worth it. I'm wearing a bikini, something I haven't done in... Continue Reading →

Thinking positively!

So for a while I have not been in the best place in my life, I have been feeling like I have been standing still while I want to move forward.... Part of me was scared of change, while another part had no idea how to turn things around. I have been feeling like I've... Continue Reading →

I don’t feel good enough…

At the moment I'm writing this, My heart rate has increased and I'm trying to keep my composure by taking deep breaths. What triggered me off was a job interview offer, It is not the interview itself but the feeling that I'm not good enough that has got to me. While looking into the company... Continue Reading →

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